Natalie Barnes

After the tragic loss of his daughter, James Barnes composed The III symphony "For Nathalie" in 1994. In June of that year his son Billy was born.
This music, being a masterpiece and the tragedy of these events were the inspiration for this sand art creation by Colette Dedyn.

Zeppelin in Harmony

This is a short impression of the concert-project by harmony De Gilde in Asse Belgium. The Zeppelin Symphony, music composed by Thomas Doss tells us the story of count Zeppelin's dream to make an extraordinary airship. It is compared with a whale floating in the sky.

Cies Treasure

In February 2015 Colette and Raphaël went to Vigo Spain to perform on a concert O Canto Das Illas, organized by Vigo's council. Here Raphaël sings in Latin about Captain Nemo who is looking for a treasure in the sea. What he finds is the real treasure of the Cies Islands. The sea animals, fauna and flora on these precious islands are the true richness and should be world's patrimony.

sand art


Two years later she was asked to work with the music group Griff. She invited Griff to join her in the “Belgium’s got Talent” TV show and got through the selections of the program. Colette performed with The Leuven Students Orchestra in March 2014. Colette's passion for sand art grew as she created more stories with the music of Raphaël De Cock. Together they are now a team with live sand art and live music. In May 2014 Colette performed with The Harmonie De Gilde in Asse. Colette drew sand art with the National Belgium Orchestra in Bozar Brussels in December 2014.

Being also an oil painter Colette's work is different from most other sand artists. She will easily allow the sand to flow. Using the most difficult kind of grain to her advantage. Creating sand paintings with a large grayscale variety.

Now Colette also makes oil paintings with a daytime view ... and a night view that shines in the dark as if illuminated by moonlight. These works have a glow that can last until the morning.

..MuSand.. Colette Dedyn and Raphaël De Cock

Together they create a special audio-visual act that captures the interest of young and old. With sand and light on the -often improvised- music of Raphaël De Cock, Colette tells stories, drawing enchanting landscapes, people and emotions.... Raphaël’s songs and instruments originate from all corners of the world.